The World Is A Busy Place.

Easily Manage The Health & Safety Of Your Travellers

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Save Hours For Your Organization

Sitata's platform gives your organization instant access to the latest travel health & safety events occurring around the world. Our sophisticated software monitors thousands of world-wide and local newspapers in multiple languages to bring your team the absolute best in situational awareness.

The Very Best In Global Monitoring

Our alert monitoring system uses advanced software algorithms to bring your organization the latest in monitoring technology. Keep your team up to date with travel-related health and safety events around the world. Each alert is personally reviewed by an analyst ensuring quality and relevance.

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Country Summaries At A Glance

Quickly search for and access the summary of a specific country to assess the current situation in a matter of seconds. View travel status, alerts, advisories, diseases, vaccinations, and more all on a single page.

No Limit On Team Size

Other platforms will try to limit the size of your team or the number of users that can access their software. At Sitata, you can grant access to our platform to as many colleagues as you see fit.

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Give Travellers The Information They Need.

Sitata is the only platform that has been designed explicitly for the health and safety of the traveller first. Build travel summaries for travellers so they can privately view and quickly digest important health and safety information tailored to their travel plans without overwhelming them. Everything is easily accessible online, 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

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In A Format They Can Understand.

Create Beautiful & Detailed Trip Summaries In Less Than A Minute

Use the Trip Builder to create a summary of health and safety information for multiple countries and even multiple travellers all at the same time. A private account for each traveller will be created so they can access their personalized summary online from anywhere in the world.

Everything Is At Your Fingertips

While planning a trip for others, quickly and easily access all information for their destination on a single page. Mapping tools will allow you to search for smaller villages or cities, view disease maps, and even the latest alerts and advisories.

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The Very Best Care For Your Travellers - Even When They're Away!

Using our system, not only will your team stay up to date, but also each and every traveller - even while they're away! The extra care and awareness that Sitata can provide to your travellers will increase your organization's credibility and health & safety standards.

Private Accounts For Every Traveller

There are absolutely no limits to how many trip summaries you can create. Each and every traveller receives a private account which will allow them to view their information from anywhere in the world and receive important travel alerts while away.

Travellers Get Everything For FREE

We want your organization to be able to provide the absolute best care for travellers without being a burden on them. There is no cost to any traveller or trip summary that is created within the Sitata system. Each private traveller account created is free!

Travel Alerts Direct To The Traveller

It's great that you can stay up to date with global events, but do you think the traveller will when they're away? Our travel alerts are delivered directly to the traveller if they are affected.

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Sitata Enables Many Different Types of Organizations All Over The World

Business type health

Travel Health

Sitata allows travel medicine clinics, pharmacies, and private practitioners to provide the best care for their travellers.

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Sitata helps corporations obtain the best duty of care for their overseas employees.

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Business type providers

Insurance Providers

Sitata helps insurance providers innovate through brand specific, mobile solutions.

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