We Love Travel

We love travel and adventure. Good food and good people. New cultures and new experiences.

The world is filled with good people and great experiences. With a little bit of knowledge, we can go anywhere and stay safe.

Humble Beginnings

Sitata sprouted roots from a little known Canadian program called GPHIN, or the Global Public Health Intelligence Network. GPHIN was a software system created by Dr. Ronald St. John and his team at Health Canada to monitor the world for infectious disease outbreaks. It was the first digital disease surveillance and detection system ever created and has been noted for the early detection of SARS.

Now For Everyone

Sitata takes the lessons learned from GPHIN and expands upon them. For the average traveller like you, we bring a level of sophistication and care, which was previously only available to corporations and government organizations. Our goal is to keep everyone safe and healthy, and to empower everyone with information, not just the corporate traveller.

The Team

Sitata is a team of highly qualified medical doctors and engineers who are passionate about safe travel. We use advanced software algorithms to monitor the world for disease outbreaks and safety hazards. Each travel alert published by Sitata is reviewed by staff to ensure it meets the concerns of a traveller. Sitata is building the next generation of tools for travel health and safety for both travellers and travel professionals.

The Founders


Ron St. John

Ron's career encompassed 35 years in preventive medicine with post-graduate training in infectious diseases and public health. Ron has developed and managed large and small scale infectious disease control programs in domestic and international environments for two governments (USA and Canada) and the World Health Organization (Regional Office for the Americas). Ron retired in 2007 as the Director General of Canada’s first Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response in the Public Health Agency of Canada and has made Sitata his new focus.


Adam St. John

With a bachelor and masters degree in engineering, Adam shifted his career into software development. Adam has over 15 years of programming and web development experience. He also maintains extensive experience with large data sets and aritficial intelligence algorithms. Adam is an avid traveller and has spent time in more than 20 countries.

What An Interesting Name

We chose our name, Sitata, after an ancient deity named Sitātapatrā. Sitātapatrā is often known as the Goddess of the White Parasol and is a protector against supernatural danger. She is associated with the practice for healing illness, dispelling interferences and spirit harms, quelling disasters, and bringing success.

Our company objective is to help protect travellers and help prevent the spread of diseases, so we believe naming our company after Sitātapatrā is the perfect fit.